Summer 2017

Do you want to learn a little more about ”The Eddie Rice Project" as well as some great stories about “Eddie and the Tide”? If so, we encourage you to check out “The Hustle” podcast by clicking here.

In this podcast, you will learn about a variety of Tide info including the band’s original name, the struggles with getting signed, the lessons learned, and how music is still being made by real people like Steve “Eddie” Rice. Enjoy!

Spring 2017

Updated sounds page that is mobile friendly.
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December 2014

The Eddie Rice Project" is here!


Fall 2014

The Eddie Rice Project" is coming soon! It features Eddie Rice (vocals and guitar), Scott Mason (drums and vocals), Chris Reiger (keyboards and vocals) along with and Kenny Ames on Bass (from Jason & the Scorchers) and Van Odell on guitar. Recorded in Nashville, this came together as a labor of love and fans should rejoice. After hearing "San Jose Serenade", fans should be eagerly awaiting this new album!

This is pure "Eddie & the Tide". Eddie has felt these songs for a while and wanted all the fans to know that they still have songs that burn...'Till we can't run no more.......

More details to follow soon! The 9 song CD should be available soon via iTunes and other retailers. For those looking for the physical CD, you will have the opportunity to get that as well!

WE PROMISE you that you are gonna love this!!!

Spring 2014

The news is slow but that does not mean that you cannot hear new ETT material. The Live CD is available with a the studio song "San Jose Serenade" via iTunes. Also go to the SOUNDS page to hear a recent radio interview.

Eddie and the Tide Live - Eddie and the Tide
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August 2012

The Live CD is now available with a NEW studio song "San Jose Serenade" and now available in CD format via PayPal. Meanwhile, you can get it via iTunes as seen here. Also go to the SOUNDS page to hear a recent radio interview.

Looking for the physical CD? It is only $15 plus $3 s/h. Please send an e-mail to LiveCD@eddieandthetide.com
Eddie and the Tide Live - Eddie and the Tide

June 2012

"Looking For Adventure" is now on iTunes.

May 2012

"Stand Tall" is now on iTunes.

March 2012

Live pictures from 1987 now in place. Go to
Pictures. Enjoy!!

Feb. 2012

Go Out and Get It" and "I Do It For You" are now on iTunes.

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January 2012

The Live CD is now available with a NEW studio song "San Jose Serenade"

Eddie and the Tide Live - Eddie and the Tide
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May 2011

A recent get together in the studio!!!

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April 2011

A sample form the NEW EDDIE AND THE TIDE Live album

Recorded in June, 1988 at New George's.

Click here to listen to "If You Want To Rock"

December 2010

Happy New Year to all!


Most of the songs have been written & the guys are working on there individual parts. Also look for a remastered live disc from New George's that was recorded in June, 1988.

Live CD Tracks possibly include:

1. If You Want To Rock
2. Love Goes On
3. Running Wild, Running Free
4. Light Up The Night
5. Let It Be Love
6. Never Stop Believing
7. This Could Be The One
8. One In A Million
9. Just Gotta Rock & Roll
10. Romeo & Juliet
11. I Could Stand A Little Rain
12. Days Go By
13. This Life of Ours
14. People Got To Be Free (unreleased cover)
15. I Do It For You
16. Dance To The Music (unreleased cover)
17. Everyday (unreleased cover)

NOTE: the final set list may differ from the above

A few live shows are bound to happen as well. Can't wait..........

November 2009

Go Out and Get It and Looking For Adventure now available on CD for the first time! Limited edition CDs that will sell out soon! You can get both right below. Just pull down and add to your cart for secure checkout. As a bonus, you will also receive a special live concert CD recorded in 1985 at the Keystone, Palo Alto of soundboard quality (or another choice)! Order today and plan for the holidays!

Eddie and the Tide CDs + bonus live CD (limited time only)

Order via PayPal right now!

September 2009

"My Days In The Desert" is now available on iTunes so please tell your friends and download it today! Click below:

Steve Eddie Rice - My Days In the Desert

Don't forget to check out the
video section for new additions as well as the solo projects section. Added new set lists in the picture section

May 2009

New videos for two songs on the CD entitled
"My Days In The Desert" have been placed in the video section as well as the solo projects section. Be sure to click there to order your copy today!

Spring 2009

Steve "Eddie" Rice released his latest solo CD entitled
"My Days In The Desert"