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November 2008

A note from Steve "Eddie" Rice: I'm working on a new C.D. with George Marinelli (guitarist Bruce Hornsby and the Range, and now Bonnie Riatt). It should be ready around Christmas or the 1st of the new year."Eddie" Rice

December 2004

We now have the domain name http://www.eddieandthetide.com in our pocession so look for a dedicated site in the fututre once finances permit a hosting company to be funded. If you type in http://www.eddieandthetide.com you will be automatically redirected to this site for now so you will not have to remember the current page name making life easier for all.

July 2001

A note from Steve "Eddie" Rice: Anyway just a little update. We're still working on this deal with this German company about releasing the Tide Spin records material, hope to have that wrapped up soon. Also I was wondering if you could mention on the Tide web-page bio update something about our 1st keyboard player, Jeff "Cazz" McCaslin. He was with us for the first 2 records and the first E.P. and was a big motivator for us in the early days. What I know is that "Cazz" is alive and well and living in Oregon, teaching piano, and still Rockin!